Thursday, January 06, 2005

Democrat Congressional Whiners Can't MoveOn

Unbelievable! I was so disappointed that I missed blogging the 2004 election, and then I see that the Democrats are continuing their suicidal shenanigans. Earth to Senator Boxer et al., you lost! Get over it! I think most Americans will see this move by the Dems for what it is: sour grapes. They can protest all they want about how it's about protecting democracy and the electoral process. Right. Sure. Nobody likes a sore loser.

I was so relieved when I learned that President Bush had won his second term in office. To me, the vote confirmed that the majority of Americans decided to reject the baby-boomer/hippie mentality of "blame America first." We said "no" to the debasement of our soldiers by "peace" protestors, "no" to moral relativity, and "no" to scraping and bowing to the corrupt and inept U.N. The sooner the Democrats get the message, the sooner they can reform their party into a worthy opponent for the Republicans. I don't want the Republicans running everything. A one-party system would be detrimental to our country's progress. But the Dems seem intent on running their party into the ground. How else to explain Howard Dean's probable selection as the DNC chairman, and now this?

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