Friday, September 09, 2005

Babyblogging: Musical Prodigy?

Of course, I'm joking in the title. I have no idea if Preston has an aptitude for music. I just thought he looked really cute standing next to his "piano." I have to laugh all the Baby Einstein-type toys for infants. Yeah, I'm going to try to teach my kid how to say dog in three different languages before he's 6 months old (I'm exaggerating...a little). Robert Deniro's character in the movie "Meet the Fockers" (which is hilarious btw ) plays the achievement-obsessed ulta-disciplinarian grandfather to a tee. How about letting kids learn the basics first and develop at their own pace? It's a pet peeve of mine when parents brag about how their kid read Charles Dickens or tossed a football like Tory Aikman by the time they were two and a half. No wonder kids get stressed out nowadays.

Anyway, Preston's almost 9 months old and has eight teeth (all the better to bite Mommy with). He's a very happy, chatty little boy--except when he's around strangers. I tend to be very (off the charts!) introverted, so I hope he doesn't take after me. I'm amazed at how fast he's growing. One day couple of weeks ago, he started pulling up on the furniture and now he's cruising around the house like a pro. It won't be long until he's running around the house chasing the cats under my bed.



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