Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes, I realize it's been a looong time since I last posted and I have several lame excuses for that. First, the holiday season was especially hectic this year with a parade of relatives coming in and out. Don't get me wrong, I love visiting with my family, but it was difficult to play the hostess and entertainment coordinator especially in light of my second excuse--I'M EXPECTING ANOTHER LIL' ONE!!!

Yes, Hahn Jr. (sex undetermined as of today) will be joining our clan in early August. I haven't quite figured out how to break the news to Preston yet since he just barely turned two. He seems to like babies when he sees them in books or on T.V., but we'll see how he handles one being around monopolizing his mommy 24/7. Anyhoo, until my stomach is noticably protruding and kicking, I guess I can put off the "how would you like a baby sister/brother?" talk for a while.

This pregnancy seems to be more challenging than the last one because I feel more sick, bloated, and fatigued. Maybe that's just because I'm chasing after a toddler all day--did I mention that he's at the pre-potty-training-pull-off-the-diaper-and-play-with-its-contents-no-more-nap-for-me phase? Anyhow, toddlers are a lot less orderly than a whole room full of fruit flies that are ever so compliant (with a little CO2) when I need to dissect them for experiments.

Do I miss those days of sitting in the dark room for hours at a microscope? Not really, because Preston is just so darn cute and sweet, but I do occasionally yearn for a few hours to myself to just think and write my thoughts. And dang, do I miss intellectual conversation? There's only so much Curious George and Winnie the Pooh one can take before losing one's sanity!

Well, I debated whether I should return to blogging and I think that I should because I enjoy it and I'm not out to woo a large readership. With naptime out as a time for blogging, I'll have to steal moments here and there when I can. I usually like to write long, thoughtful posts, but I guess I'll have to learn how to post quick and dirty (but still PG rated of course). When Hahn Jr. arrives there will be even less time to post, but I anticipate blogging in the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, I welcome the New Year and its endless possibilities.

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