Saturday, November 15, 2003

File this under "I told you so!" - Intelligence Report Links Saddam, Usama

I was going to whine and moan about the hellhole known as graduate school, but this topic is much more important. It seems that the Weekly Standard is reporting the contents of a DOD memo to the Senate Intelligence Committee that inextricably links Al Qaida and Saddam's regime. - Top Stories - Intelligence Report Links Saddam, Usama

A copy of the full article from the The Weekly Standard is here via LGF.

Now, this comes as little surprise to many Americans. Although there were a few reports earlier regarding the Iraqi/Al Qaida links such as the discovery of the Salman Pak training site, the names of specific individuals and terrorist acts committed against Americans by these individuals was not widely known. But it just takes a little common sense to figure out that Al Qaida and Saddam's gang were sides of the same coin. Many of the international terrorists groups are connected in some fashion. Who cheered after 9/11? Why, all the Islamic terrorist groups (including the Palestinians) did! Their goals are the same--to eliminate the Great Satan (the U.S.), the Lil' Satan (Israel), and establish a world-wide caliphate under sharia law.

I think the majority of Americans made this connection themselves as shown by this poll, where 70% of Americans polled believed that Saddam was involved in the 9-11 attacks. Now perhaps Saddam himself didn't directly help plan 9-11, but according to the article he and his people certainly did all they could to help out Al Qaida. And there is additional evidence that Mohammed Atta met not once, but three times with the former (tee-hee) chief of Iraqi intelligence.

Remember all those journalists and celebrities calling the American public stupid and uninformed because of that poll? Well, it's time for them to open wide and eat some crow. Fair-minded individuals may still think that ousting Saddam was the wrong strategy, but they can no longer say that Saddam has nothing to do with Al Qaida.

So enough of the "Bush is a nazi/liar/idiot/failure" and "no blood for oil" crap. As soon as the American public is aware of this report, the anti-war left (and right) will be finished.

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