Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Catblogging - The Arrival of Omni

My husband and I decided to get another cat to be a companion for our kitty Asia since our hands will be full after Hahn Jr. arrives. We thought she needed a pal to keep her company and give her plenty of exercise since she's starting to fill out. We went to the DFW Humane Society in Irving and found the perfect kitten. His name is Omni and he's a 3 month-old silver tabby. He's has the sweetest disposition, but he also loves to play. He didn't seem to be too intimidated by Asia because he kept trying to pounce on her from around a corner. She didn't appreciate that, but she didn't clobber him either. Hopefully, he and Asia will get along.

My brother took some pics of Omni this weekend. Amazingly, Omni sat still long enough to get his picture taken. So without further ado, here's Omni.


Look into my eyes.... Yes, you're getting sleepy. Now fetch me some tuna Whisker Lickins, human.


Something's wiggling over there. I'd better go pounce on it before it gets away.

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