Friday, June 11, 2004

Hahn Jr. Update

So I thought I'd give a little baby update, although I doubt I have many readers right now. As soon as I'm done with school, I'm planning to get back in the blogging groove. I promise! Anyway, I had my 2nd OB appointment yesterday. Nothing really happened at my first one except for a bunch of yucky tests, the details of which are not necessary to relate. But yesterday I actually got to hear the heartbeat of Hahn Jr.! It was a kind of rapid swooshing: 150 beats per minute. I haven't gained any weight yet, so after hearing the heartbeat I felt officially "pregnant." In a month, maybe sooner, I'll have to reoutfit my wardrobe.

My husband has been hoping for twins, actually praying for them, but I think that is not a possibility at this point. The doc said my uterus was too small at 14 weeks for twins and she only heard one heartbeat. I was kind of relieved because although it would have been fun (and stressful) to have two children to raise at the same time, the thought of carrying the extra weight and probably having a c-section did not appeal to me. So far my back has not been acting up and I hope it stays that way. Everything seems to be going well and I'm looking forward to starting to prepare the nursery.

I've read that the hearing of babies in utero is quite well developed by week 16. So yesterday while I was busy tending my flies, I began reflecting on the how the music I listen to might affect Hahn Jr. Would he/she enjoy the rollicking beats of "Rock the Casbah" or the Gipsy Kings, and dance along? Would the sounds of Beethovan or Mozart lull him/her into a peaceful sleep? How would he/she respond to the sound of my own voice singing? Will he/she be a music lover and perhaps develop a talent for dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument? It's just interesting to think about how the external environment and the internal biochemical environment effect a developing fetus. But I also believe that each of us is born with distinct personalities and talents, and that our environment before and after birth can augment or attenuate these qualities. I guess this can best be summed up by "nature in addition to nuture."

Anyhoo, in 4 weeks I'll be having my first ulrasound and I'll definitely post pictures.

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