Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Oh No! Not again, Jimmeh!

Since I really didn't want this to be a political blog, I've been trying to refrain from bringing up politics. But alas, I am a news junkie, and with LGF and others to keep me informed of all the pols' shenanigans, I just couldn't resist. Our illustrious ex-Pres Jimmeh Carter has once again opened his mouth and inserted his muddy peanut-farming foot (via LGF).

In a interview with the NYT "Mr. Carter, defeated in his quest for re-election by Ronald Reagan in 1980, speculated that "had I been elected to a second term, with the prestige and authority and influence and reputation I had in the region, we could have moved to a final solution."

Um, I don't think Mr. Carter realized how bad that sounded. I mean, come on: Israel, Jews, final solution, Adolf Hitler. Ring a bell, Jimmeh?

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