Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Ah, Schadenfreude, How Sweet It Is!

For those of you paying attention to the Democratic primaries, I was pleased to see that Democrats weren't so foolish as to back the far-left leaning candidates, such as He-who-shall-not-be named (starts with a D) spaceman Kuchinich. However, I was disappointed to discover that Democrats aren't wise enough to back the candidate that takes the War on Terror most seriously, Joe Lieberman. I felt bad for Joe, the now sad-faced benevolent twin of Emperor Palpatine. Here he is, a faithful Democrat and a member of the Jewish faith who knows what it means to be targeted for death because of one's nationality and religion, and according to Kerry, the primary issue for Dems is affordable healthcare. Hello, Earth to the Dems! There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people that want to see the U.S. and Israel completely destroyed and millions more that could care less if it happens. And you guys are worried about whether your prescription Viagra will be affordable?

Anyway, these past few primaries have shown that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is totally out of touch with the average American. One of his comments the other day illustrates this perfectly. Regarding the incident with She-Whose-Exposed-Body-Part-Shall-Not-Be-Named, he said according to a Reuters report:

"I find that to be a bit of a flap about nothing," the former Vermont governor said. "I'm probably affected in some ways by the fact that I'm a doctor, so it's not exactly an unusual phenomenon for me."

This quote reveals just what an elitist jerk this guy is. Yes, we're all just a bunch of redneck, fundamentalist Christians that can't take a little nudity, Doctor. Never mind that I (along with about 50% of the world) see breasts, my own, everyday. The point is when watching the Super Bowl with our families, we don't want to see other people's privates! Those that don't care are more than welcome to go join a nudist colony. And frankly, I think Americans in general are tired of the entertainment industry continuously pushing the envelope and trying to be shocking. This is not Europe and I could care less what the Europeans do on their own public stations.

I mean it would make as much sense for Dr. D to say in response to some yahoo at the Grammys exposing himself on public TV, to say, "Oh well, what's the big deal? I'm a DOCTOR you know, and I see THOSE all the time." The issue is context and Dean seems to have a problem figuring out what is and isn't appropriate in certain contexts. So please, keep opening your mouth, Dr. D, and sticking your foot in it. Then fire a bunch of staff members because you can't figure out why you haven't won a single primary.

On the FCC's response to the fiasco he said,
In general, I think the FCC does have a role in promoting some reasonable standard of decency," Dean told reporters aboard his campaign plane. "However, considering what's on television these days, I think the FCC is being pretty silly about investigating this.

Dean, who does not have cable television at his home in Burlington, Vermont, said Americans could inadvertently turn on "far worse things" while "cruising through cable at regular viewing hours."

So he agrees that part of the FCC's role is to regulate the content of TV and radio, yet he complains when the FCC actually tries to something. And apparently, although Dean does not have cable, he knows what's on cable TV. But this incident was not on cable, so his point is well, pointless.

"I don't find it terribly shocking relative to some of the things you can find on standard cable television," he added. "I think the FCC probably has a lot of other things they should be pursuing."
Like what, Dr. D? One of the reasons why public TV stations are in the sorry state they are is because the members of the FCC haven't been doing their jobs. Once a certain taboo is broken e.g. nudity it's very difficult to go back. And the FCC has been notoriously complacent about enforcing broadcasting standards. Just take Bono's little F bomb at the Grammy's for instance. It took thousands of irate Americans to get the FCC moving on that one. So keep thinking public decency is all a big joke, Dr. D. Or possibly try moving to France if there isn't enough skin on TV for you.

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