Monday, February 02, 2004

Taking Geekdom to a New High (Low)

Here's an example of what bored geeks do in their spare time. My bay buddy (student who shares the same lab bay) Rohit and I decided to graph how much time it takes our uber-uncool lab technician, Mike, to flip on the dreaded classic rock (i.e. lame 70's) music station every morning after he walks in the door. It usually takes him 5-10 seconds after he puts his stuff on his desk before he starts assaulting our eardrums with endless Lover Boy and Peter Frampton. Today I clocked him at 3 seconds flat. Each day before Mike comes in, Rohit and I will make our predictions and then see how close we came to Mike's actual behavior. We stuck the graph on the wall next to our desks. Then we can discern if there are any patterns to Mike's madness. Does it take longer on Mondays than on Fridays because he's caught up in looking at the Mars photos or reading the Gray Lady? We shall see.

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