Thursday, January 08, 2004

Crazy Biology Poetry

Here's some poems I wrote when I was working for the Animal Resources Center at the University of Utah as an animal technician. Now you know why I stick to working on flies and bacteria rather than cute and fuzzy critters.


Frozen rabbits and mice clink
Together like ice cubes
Gray hallways fill with smoke
From the incinerator.
Primary and secondary burners
Turn animal matter into ash
That falls on my skin and clothing.
Colors it gray like the floors.
A malamute used for testing
Stares at me from the board.
His name is Max.
He’s free for adoption,
"A friendly and beautiful dog."
I open a door
To let the smoke escape
Cold air rushes in.
The smell won’t leave,
Stays in my hair,
Stays in my clothes,
And won’t wash out.

3/8/96 (revised 1/11/01)

An Ordinary Day

The other day
I crushed

a tiny white mouse
beneath the wheels

of the water cart I use
to fill the rat’s bottles

the music was
so loud

that I didn’t hear
it squeak—if

it even made
a sound

Adrienne Hahn 1/9/96

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