Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year Blogosphere!

In celebration of the New Year, I've made several resolutions for 2004.

1. I will not call every LLL I disagree with a commie (only some of them).
2. I will not gloat when every prediction my lefty friends have made is proven wrong e.g. Iraq's WMDs, the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection, and Bush's re-election.

BTW, this essay by iowahawk entitled Why I Am a Democrat is hilarious.

3. I will not drive my husband nuts with my obsessive newsjunkyism.
4. I will read books and view movies other than the Lord of the Rings.
5. I will finish school this year one way or another, even if I have to blackmail my mentor.
6. I will not taunt my husband when his BYU Cougars suck next year and are soundly defeated by my Utah Utes. FYI, my Utes trounced Southern Mississippi 17-0 yesterday in the Liberty Bowl. How sweet it is!

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