Friday, January 16, 2004

This Just In, Most Science Geeks are Guys

An article from CNN cites a recent study shows that just 3-15% of of full professorships at American universities are held by women. Of course, there's a choice quote that imples that sexism is the reason behind this disparity.
"Women are less likely to go into and remain in science and engineering when they lack mentors and role models," the survey said. "When female professors are not hired, treated fairly and retained, female students perceive that they will be treated similarly."

The survey said, huh? I didn't know surveys could actually speak, let alone give an opinion. Anyway, I'm annoyed that the authors of this study didn't explore others reasons behind the smaller number of women in full professorships. Well, maybe they did, but CNN didn't bother to find out what they are. Personally, I just think that many women, if they're even interested in science in the first place (have a high geek factor), realize that all the years of education and hard work don't necessarily pay off financially or emotionally.

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